NITA is the country’s leading provider of legal advocacy skills training. Based in Boulder, Colorado, NITA offers programs around the country, to all skill levels and practice areas. NITA carefully hand picks the faculty invited to teach at NITA programs from leading trial lawyers and sitting judges. For over a decade, Mr. Bradford has been humbled by the opportunity to annually serve on the faculty for a variety of programs including the Rocky Mountain Regional Trial Skills Program and the Deposition Skills Program. Over the years, Mr. Bradford has been asked to present the principle lecture on the following topics: Opening Statements, Closing Arguments, Direct Examination of Witnesses, Cross Examination of Witnesses, Cross Examination of Expert Witnesses and the Use of Imagery to Tell a Story. Through his time on faculty, Mr. Bradford gains exposure to cutting edge persuasion techniques, courtroom technology and a community of highly talented trial lawyers.

BRADFORD is a proud sponsor of the Wheels of Justice Cycling Team, a team of cyclists from all walks of life dedicated to raising money for the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Colorado Children’s Hospital. The Wheels of Justice Cycling Team annually sports a 200 rider team in the Courage Classic, a multi-day ride through the Rocky Mountains each July. Wheels has raised over $3 million through the amazing support of over 75 sponsors and 1000s of riders. Wheels annually raises over $350,000 for the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, all of which funds primary cancer research and front line patient care in Colorado. Mr. Bradford is a founding captain and has served as its fundraising chair since its inception. We hope you will join the team at We have to help improve the lives of those families that are fighting, or have fought, the battle against pediatric cancers and blood borne diseases.

Nationally recognized, the Colorado Pledge to Diversity is a leading legal diversity organization dedicated to the advancement of diversity and inclusion in the legal profession. Over the years, Mr. Bradford has helped the Pledge lead the discussion, planning and implementation of a variety of Colorado legal diversity initiatives. From creating jobs to forming a leading non-profit dedicated to the recruitment and retention of diverse attorneys within the legal profession, the Pledge has had a profound impact on diversity and inclusion in the legal profession.

Mr. Bradford served as the Chair of the Colorado Pledge to Diversity from 2006-2009 and worked to coordinate the diversity efforts of a variety of organizations committed to the same goals. In 2008, Mr. Bradford was asked to serve on the Dean’s Diversity Council’s Steering Committee, the committee that created the Center for Legal Inclusiveness. Mr. Bradford drafted the mission statement and worked to prepare the founding documents for the Center for Legal Inclusiveness. Thereafter, Mr. Bradford served on the Board of Directors for CLI from 2008-2010.

Recently, Mr. Bradford focused his attention on the crown jewel of legal diversity initiatives in Colorado – the Colorado Pledge to Diversity’s 1L Summer Clerkship Program. The Summer Clerkship program works to place diverse 1L students from the law schools at the University of Colorado and the University of Denver with law firms and legal departments in Denver. Mr. Bradford has served as the chair of the committee since 2013. During that time, over 80 diverse students have been placed with law firms and legal departments. Ten new employers have joined the Pledge during that time, the largest expansion in the program since its inception in 2003.

BRADFORD is a proud member of the Specialty Equipment Market Association or SEMA. Mr. Bradford attends the SEMA Auto Show each year and a number of other SEMA events throughout the year. Mr. Bradford works regularly and tirelessly on behalf of SEMA members.